Compiere & ADempiere ERP & CRM System

Compiere & ADempiere are an ERP and CRM software which is the world famous open source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that provides a seamless 360-degree view of your company, its customers and vendors.

Our customers tell us that the return from their Compiere or ADempiere investment come from multiple sources — not simply from reducing software licensing fees. Here are a few of the sources of savings:

For years only large corporations have been able to enjoy the benefits of ERP applications. Now, Compiere & ADempiere ERP and CRM puts the power of timely and consistent communications within reach of small to medium-sized businesses by offering superior ERP software that is affordable, adaptable, and scalable…ensuring you always have exactly the ERP solution your company needs. Compiere & ADempiere are changing the economics of enterprise applications by making Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) easier. Easier to acquire. Easier to implement. Easier to extend. Easier to change.

Easier, Adaptable and Affordable ERP and CRM
Compiere and ADempiere deliver powerful ERP and CRM capabilities that are built on an innovative Model-driven Applications platform.

Unlike traditional ERP vendors who recommend adapting your business processes to match the default software settings, Compiere and ADempiere encourage you to customize your solution to match your business needs. The Model-driven Application Platform enables you to customize your solution — quickly, easily and affordably — typically without programming.

Easier to Acquire
Compiere and ADempiere are easier to acquire through our unique open source business model. You are free to download, evaluate and use the open source version of Compiere and ADempiere without restriction. Compiere & ADempiere and its network of Authorized Partner provide a range of services to maximize the value of your Compiere or ADempiere solution.

Easier to Implement
With Compiere or ADempiere, ERP implementation is easier because it provides both strong functionality upon software installation, and ease of customization to your business needs. What's more, Compiere and ADempiere also provide a multitude of resources to streamline the software implementation process.

Easier to Extend
The Compiere or ADempiere Model-driven Application Platform makes it easier to expand your solution to growing, changing and evolving businesses needs.

Easier to Change
Compiere and ADempiere are easier to change because there are no "final" decisions. Any element of the system can be changed at any time without consequences in other parts of the application or to application data.

Compiere and ADempiere consists of the following key modules: