Easily commits to protect your privacy. This policy explains the dates collected here and related usage. Once you pay visit to our web, it will show your agreement to all these mentioned here.

Collecting your personal information

General speaking, you can visit our web without your name or other personal information. While, sometimes, we will require some of such information as to deal with your order, or to connect with you, offer you our after sell service or ask a job interview. We just want to collect such information to improve our service.

We, of course, will ask your permitting to collect such necessary information, when we shall connect you, or offer you our service.

Using your personal information

All the information collected from this web will be ultimately used in this web, and offer you related service or carry out the issue according to your requirement or enforcement.

Your personal information will be probably used to:

Contain to your personal information

Unless declared in this policy, without your permitting, all your information on these pages won’t be share beyond the range of Easily.

Easily will email you periodically, inform you related information of the products or service you require, or just make confirm. Connecting with you, our customers, is the part of our service.