Compiere & ADempiere ERP Implementation Service

AimServe has solid experiences in implementing Compiere & ADempiere ERP project ranging from simple trading operation to complicated manufacturing process. Aimserve offer complete Compiere implementation and project management services to our value customers, it can be listed as follow:

Project Management
A delicate Project manager (PM) will be acted as the key person to control project schedule and allocate sufficient resources for the project. PM will also be responsible for quality assurance on the services and deliverables. PM will play important role on risk management and make contingency plan if necessary.

ComPiere & ADempiere ERP is multi platform application. It can run on Linux, Microsoft NT and Mac environment with Oracle Server database. It can also install at Cloud environment to make the service without boundary. A ComPiere or ADempiere ERP server will be installed at the project beginning stage. And other necessary hardware, such as backup tape drive should also be installed. In a parallel activity, the preparation process of data collection and conversion will be started. Consultant will provide the necessary data conversion template for user to collect their corresponding data for ComPiere or ADempiere ERP system.

User requirement will be collected during system walk through by the Consultant. Consultant will find out the gap between pre-define requirement and actual user requirement in this stage. Consultant will then suggest solution to handle the gap such as manual handle or conduct system enhancement. Consultant will configure the system according to the user requirement. And also, Consultant will setup system authorization control for user to control difference role to access difference functions.

Program Development and Integration
User Interface and system logic will be modified to fit with customers’ requirements. It may also require the development of new functions and program to fit with users’ requirements. Integration with users’ existing system will also be involved in this stage.

User Training
End User training will be provided by Consultant according to standard training material. Moreover, ComPiere or ADempiere Report Tools, User Authorization

Data Migration
Normally the master data including Chart of Account, business partner and product master will be migrated to the new system

On-going Support
We will provide on-going system support in term of hotline, email, remote and on-site support. A delicate hotline support team has been set up to serve our customers.